HUANG ZIYUE                                                         

Whenever she appears I will love her

黄子玥 Huang Ziyue 
孟倬司琪 Meng Zhuosiqi

艺术总监 Director:杨述 Yang Shu
策展人 Curator:倪昆 Ni Kun
展务 Art Handler:王健 Wang Jian
主办 Organizer:Organhaus

开幕时间/Opening Date
2023/06.3(周六 Sat.) 18:00-21:30


Address: Wushan Art, No.50 Longmenhao Old Street, Nanan District, Chongqing

展览介绍Exhibition Description



This is a collaborative effort titled "Whenever she appears I will love her. In this context, the word'she' refers to a mother, a lover, or all unbreakable connections. The exhibition will feature new works created within the last two years by both artists.The work of Huang Ziyue extends the Oedipus complex of women from childhood to maturity. The majority of her works contain traces of the quest for attachment and security. The new work is based on the cultural impact of changing circumstances on a fifty-year-old magazine.Before her hatred of motherhood dissipates, Meng's work presents a lengthy investigation of her own gender and the realisation that she can become a mother. The majority of the works completed during the residency deal with domestic labour, Chongqing's topography, or Chinese history.Both are extremely self-experienced creators capable of producing subtle echoes of their own work. We aim to convey this echo by examining the present through the lens of actual experience.(Meng Zhuosiqi/Text)

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This exhibition was inspired by the fact that many of our peers are left with a question after viewing our work. "Did your mum's pass away?" The truth is that both my mother and her mother are alive and well. I suggested that we call our group the bereaved mother's group, but ultimately decided it was too unlucky. said, "I'll be in a mental hospital if my mum dies." Our group's moniker is now "Bodhisattva Blesses Mother with Health."

In my rented room in 2021, Mengzhuo yelled, "What's personal is social!" Previously, I had focused on outwardly exploratory issues and was too bashful to discuss myself. She must have influenced my creative output and inspired me to complete the minor, humorous projects that had been accumulating in my memoirs. Mengzhuo directly hand-stitched the book of poems "Baozhen" to encourage me to do so.

To live up to the vow made in front of the space's leader - that we would do more creative work about Chongqing Everyone has experimented a little. Mengzhuo's work is extremely sensual and intuitive. He discusses the plan over dinner one evening, purchases the materials the next, and completes the task the following evening.  I'll learn from her. But, defeat. I ultimately decided on actors from Sichuan and Chongqing to enhance the work's Chongqing.

The art system of Meng Zhuo Siqi is direct and unambiguous, whereas the art system of Huang Ziyue is typically layered upon layer. A straightforward-speaking northeastern Taurus and a non-direct-speaking Jiangnan Taurus. We try to talk to each other in this exhibition, and then we each stubbornly continue to follow our own creative system.

黄子玥/文 HuangZiyue /Text

I hope you have nine lives, too

Meng Zhuosiqi
Installation / video

This work is based on the many suicides I have witnessed and heard about from my mother. The title comes from a poem called 'Lady Lazarus'.I have never spoken directly to my mother about her suicides, but I have learned about her trials and struggles from many sources. My mother and I had a very difficult relationship as mother and daughter, and I understood her process as a gradual realisation that I was a woman too.

Yangtze measures my height

Meng Zhuosiqi

Many of the buildings along the Yangtze River in Chongqing have scales to prevent flooding and to commemorate the great flood of 2020.Such scales are much like the ones installed at home to measure the height of children, and the Yangtze has always been called the Mother River. So I made a sign with my own height on it and walked into the Yangtze to find a spot that exactly matched my height.

Touching the Mother

Meng Zhuosiqi

The visual presentation is already very straightforward, and by the time of the exhibition, the old scrub board was almost worn down.