HUANG ZIYUE                                                         

[Text: Wish you success]

Huáng  Zǐyuè
   黄       子玥





I am an artist whose practice traverses the intricate landscapes of identity, trauma, and the digital realm. My artistic journey embarks on a dual exploration—delving inward into the intricacies of personal experience and outward to unravel the complexities of our digital society.

Inwardly, I embark on an exploration rooted in the paradoxical conflict of my identity—being a lesbian with an Oedipal complex.This introspective journey takes me through the labyrinth of LGBTQ experiences in East Asia, where I delve into the trauma and profound impact of existing as a marginalized identity. Additionally, I explore the intricate tapestry of East Asian mother-daughter relationships, shedding light on the emotional dynamics woven within.

On the outward trajectory of my artistic exploration, I specialize in crafting 'Internet Personas' within my works. These personas are integral to narratives that expose the harsh realities of internet politics, particularly their impact on marginalized communities. They also serve as a reflection on the colonization of people's imagination by capital. Rooted in extensive research across various media, my works invite the audience to contemplate the construction of individual online identities. I navigate the realm of internet politics, exploring the boundaries between reality and virtuality.



’2027 Fine Arts, Royal Academy of Arts, United Kingdom
Bachelor of Arts, Technoetic Arts Programme,SIVA,CHINA


Oct 2024
Upcoming, Pacing along the flying edge on the ceiling, Small House Gallery, London, UK 
June 2024  Upcoming, Online drama, EMBASSY Gallery, Edinburgh, UK

Jun.3-Sept.1 2023
 Whenever she appears I will love her, Huang Ziyue & Meng Zhuosiqi, Double Solo Exhibitions, Organhaus, Chongqing, CN
Sept.12-Oct.1 2022  Happy 61, Yell Space, Shanghai, CN
Jul.2-Sept.2 2022   2035xhcd, SAMAR Artspace, Qingdao, CN
Jul.9-Aug.8 2022    Reply you tomorrow Dream works, Schein Space, Hangzhou, CN
Oct.1-Oct.31 2021   Yellow Huang Solo, FAS Artspace, Sichuan, CN


Aug.2022-Jul.2023    Young Artist Residency Program Of SCFAI Chongqing, Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, CN
Aug.2020    Lonely Land Residency Programme, Chizhou Anhui Province, CN
Nov.2019     720hours Residency Programme, Chongming, Shanghai, CN


2023    In the cabinet mother and daughter embrace, Soul Art Centre (798), Beijing, CN
2022    Are there ten handsome artists in the Chinese contemporary art scene?, FemaleGaze, CN
2021     Will tomorrow be better?, Yell spcae, Shanghai, CN
2021     No Man's Village Art Program Residency, Wolfberry Island, CN
2019     Minster Plan, Tianma Town Shanghai, CN



CICA Museum, Gimpo-si, Korea


HOTPOT, LL Interspace, Leipzig, Germany
Great Sounds Seek Silence, Goldsmiths Confucius Institute, London, United Kingdom 
The 9th Beijing Poetry Festival, Sound Art Museum, Beijing, China (CN)
Youth Now!, Gallery Weekend Beijing 2023, 798 Art Center, Beijing, CN
Dynamic refresh, Art Museum of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Chongqing, CN
Pigsy, Entrance Space, Zhengzhou, CN
Linguistic, Qingying Art Space, Hangzhou, CN


Surrounding Arts Festival, System, Shanghai, CN
THE GREAT MOTHER-The Gate of the Mysteries, a response to the 59th Venice Biennale, Nospace, OnlineOut of Focus, J.H.Z.G. Art Studio, Shanghai, CN
Hatching Eggs Music Festival, Finder, Online


WeiLai Biennial, NINE Art Museum, Beijing, CN
YanJiao Biennial, Beijing, CN
Algorithmic Society, MEI BO Art Museum, Shanghai, CN
Reading, HF Artspace, Shanghai, CN
Boredom is the beginning of every authentic act, Simulacra Artspace, Beijing, CN
Ocean2.0, Slimeengine, Online
Z, Noya Artspace, Shanghai, CN


Redirecting, Tree Art Museum, Beijing, CN
We Are Performance Art,  Yell Space, Shanghai, CN
PAN FUTURE, LAP Gallery, Wuhan, CN
Near Future: Possible Life, the 6th Intermedia Art Festivale, Hanling Art Museum, Ningbo, CN


Ars Electronica Festival, Linz, Austria
China Shanghai International Arts Festival, Shanghai, CN
WAN, Hefei Contemporary Art Museum, Hefei, CN
Picnic Arts Festival, Shanghai, CN
Crystal World, Powerlong Museum, Shanghai, CN


Cenment Part Live Art Fair, MUSE&m, Shanghai, CN
Construal Trick, Detao Artspace, Shanghai, CN


2024   Complex Components: The Artistic Journey of Huang Ziyue, Artist Weekly, USA
Huang Ziyue: "How do we integrate ourselves with the surrounding image environment in today's society, and                             how do we shape our own identity and meaning? Artron, China
  Huang Ziyue: Embracing Old Media to Challenge New Realities,Art On Screen, UK
2023    May I ask how you balance male identity with creativity?, FemaleGaze, CN
2022    Huang ZiYue: It's not "comfortable"!, Schein Space, Hangzhou, CN 
2021    Who's sick?, Yell Space, CN
2021    Mom, will you forget this work tomorrow?, Yell Space, CN
2021    Is death a return and a homecoming?, Yell Space, CN
2021    Will I be a great artist?, Yell Space, CN
2021    Hidden in Shanghai's art space: Lantian, buoyant Art, Shanghai, CN
2021    The end of linear interview, 2xGuan contemporary art, CN
2021    Ziyue who owns half of the world, VISIONAIRE, New York, USA
2021    Spiritual Opium, CC Foundation & Art Centre, Shanghai, CN
2020    About Huang Ziyue, Knot Galleria, Shanghai, CN


2023    Artist Sharing:Whenever she appears I will love her, Organhaus, Chongqing, CN
2023    The Eight Commandments of Artwork, Entrance Space, Zhengzhou, CN
2022    Can male artists make good feminist work?,Nospace, CN
2021    The Fantasy of Space, RCA Alumni, K11-Q Space, Shanghai, CN
2021    Game Artist, HF Artspace, Shanghai, CN
2020    Generation Z, Powerlong Museum, Shanghai, CN


2021    Bronze, International Contemporary Youth Art Design Competition
2020    Best Experimental Film Award, AME Film
2019    Best In Show, Chongming Residency
2019    Loopy Screening, Martin Goya Business, Hangzhou