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黄 子玥





I am an artist whose practice traverses the intricate landscapes of identity, trauma, and the digital realm. My artistic journey embarks on a dual exploration—delving inward into the intricacies of personal experience and outward to unravel the complexities of our digital society.

Inwardly, I embark on an exploration rooted in the paradoxical conflict of my identity—being a lesbian with an Oedipal complex.This introspective journey takes me through the labyrinth of LGBTQ experiences in East Asia, where I delve into the trauma and profound impact of existing as a marginalized identity. Additionally, I explore the intricate tapestry of East Asian mother-daughter relationships, shedding light on the emotional dynamics woven within.

On the outward trajectory of my artistic exploration, I specialize in crafting 'Internet Personas' within my works. These personas are integral to narratives that expose the harsh realities of internet politics, particularly their impact on marginalized communities. They also serve as a reflection on the colonization of people's imagination by capital. Rooted in extensive research across various media, my works invite the audience to contemplate the construction of individual online identities. I navigate the realm of internet politics, exploring the boundaries between reality and virtuality.